Hot Tapping

Hot tapping is a method of cutting a hole into a “live” pipeline which can be performed safely on hazardous and flammable products without interruption to product flow or loss of pipeline product.

Our diverse range of equipment enables new branch connections to be performed on most Metallic pipes i.e. Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron and also on Asbestos Cement, Concrete cylinder, GRP and GRE pipes, plastics, MDPE, copper. Hot Tapping is used for making a connection to an existing pipe or vessel, without hindering that pipe or vessel. As one of the UK's leading Hot Tapping experts, our team of specialists have a considerable amount of expereince in a verity of environments. Whether that's commercial or industrial our hot tapping experts offer a reliable, safe service. This method of pipework has proven to be effective for both national and international industries. Hot Taps or Hot Tapping is the capacity to securely integrate with a pressurized framework, by penetrating or cutting, while it is on stream and under strain. Hot Taps shall be installed by a professional with expert knowledge. With our wide range of specialist equipment enables us to work on the most stubborn pipes such as stainless steel, Iron, Carbon steel and many other metal types. Hot Tapping is a common method used for making a connection with a current pipe or vessel, without damaging that pipe or needing to empty that section. As leading specialists in the hot tapping industry, we have the skills and experience required in performing the hot tapping method whilst the existing mains can continue to work. We offer a high-quality service for an array of projects. From extreme conditions to mild jobs Hot Tapping at RDS Pipeline have got you covered. We cover both domestic and commercial pipework projects, offering a reliable and efficient service across the UK. RDS Pipeline are fully trained and will meet all health and safety regulations.

RDS is one of the country's leading Hot Tapping Contractors, with over 20 years experience in Hot Tapping services, you can rest assured that RDs will work to a high degree of proficiency and are on call 24 hours a day, nationwide. Our services have been supplied in a variety of industry sectors including Hospitals, Civil Engineering, Facility Management and Energy companies, Shopping Centres and many more.

Widely regarded by engineers as one of the most efficient and cost effective means of pipeline isolation, however this method and procedure must only be carried out by qualified, fully trained and competent Hot Tapping engineers and also in a controlled environment.

Reasons To Use RDS Hot Tapping

  • Little or no disruption, meaning consumers processes are maintained.
  • No harmful fluids or gases are released
  • Eradicating time for Drainage Systems
  • Over 20 Years of Hot Tapping
  • Experienced & Qualified Staff