Line Stopping

Line stopping is a process used to isolate a section of “live” pipeline. With isolating the section of pipe in question, total shutdown of the business/premises can be avoided and thus isolating sections of the pipe for repair, maintenance, replacement or reconfiguration. Line stopping is a mechanical technique for establishing a brief isolation process in a live pipe, where there is still flow and, in this manner, can't be solidified. This also a chosen method for those who can't shut down their mains. Line Stopping is a specialist service that should be completed by an expert. At RDS Pipeline we pride ourselves in an excellent service, and outstanding experience. With our skills, our highly qualified team are able to stop the main, without the need to cause major disruption to the main lines. As line stopping specialists, we use state of the art equipment as well as being committed to continuously expanding our business with the latest line stopping technology. Rest assured our clients are left feeling 100% satisfied with our quality service. You can trust RDS Pipeline to get the job done big or small, promptly and efficiently at a competitive price.

Here at RDS our line stopping services are not limited, we always evolving our equipment, our staff are up to date with the latest training and methods.

We can apply line stopping to most pipeline metals and materials including Iron, Steel, Stainless steels, Plastics, Copper, Cast Iron and Cement.

Reasons To Use RDS Line Stopping

  • Little or no disruption, meaning consumers processes are maintained.
  • No harmful fluids or gases are released
  • Eradicating time for Drainage Systems
  • Over 20 Years of Line Stopping
  • Experienced & Qualified Staff