Pipe Freeze Rayleigh

RDS have 20 years of experience in providing non-invasive pipe work isolation, this allows the the work to be carried out and completed without the need for draining pipework, drainage systems downtime and shutdown of the business or building thus avoiding a costly shutdown.

Using liquid nitrogen and solid freeze plugs, this specialist process allows the pipe line to be isolated creating temporary line flow stopping. Pipe freezing offers the most cost effective way to achieve pipe isolation for pipework modifications, pipe isolation and valve replacements.

We start your enquiry with a one on one face to face site survey to establish costs, needs and an estimated time of completion of the work. We only employ fully qualified technicians and engineers and are on the countrys leading pipe freezing contractors.

Reasons To Use RDS Pipe Freezing

  • Pipefreezing removes the cost of replacing inhibitors
  • Little or no disruption, meaning consumers processes are maintained.
  • No harmful fluids or gases are released
  • Eradicating time for Drainage Systems
  • Over 20 Years experience in Pipe Freezing
  • Experienced & Qualified Engineers