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Pipeline Freezing is a controlled strategy for giving pipeline isolation, through the utilization of liquid nitrogen. This enables the work to be done and finished without the requirement for depleting pipework, drainage systems and shutting down of the business or building along these lines. Utilizing fluid nitrogen and strong stop plugs, this expert procedure permits the pipeline to be secluded making brief line flow stopping. Pipeline Freezing offers an affordable, efficient approach to accomplish pipe disconnection for pipework changes, pipe segregation and valve substitutions.


At RDS Pipeline Isolation we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge & willingness to work with you in providing the most efficient solution for your company. Whether you need a single pipe fitting or anything beyond, with our innovative ideas you will receive the same levels of service, professionalism and quality that has got us where we are today.

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We take the pressure off

Our aim is to keep your pipework systems operational and to minimise expensive pipe isolation shut downs.
RDS offer valueble services for industrial and domestic isolations, including obsolete specifications and other requirements.

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